Funerals are a time of mourning the loss of a loved one but also a time of reflecting on the good times and celebrating their life.

I offer sensitivity ideas to help families plan the service and say their personal goodbyes to their loved one.

The service is a time of remembrance and often a photo presentation at the time of Reflection can be a time to remember the good times.

Eulogies can be presented by family, friends or the celebrant.  Poetry can be included in the service which has significant meaning.

Cultural desires are very important where bagpipes or special musical items have been included in the service, which have given great meaning to the occasion.


Memorial services can be at any location, often by a lake, a park or a beach is often quite special.  Family and friends can share thoughts and poems of the person they wish to remember at the anniversary of their death.   Floral tributes can be scattered of placed in the lake at the conclusion of the ceremony.